Theory articles - IT Support

Computing at Theoretical Physics
An overview of Computing in Theoretical Physics
* OBSOLETE * : MyMacPorts
Installing and using a personal build of MacPorts
Adding Printers in Linux
How to connect to a Sharp printer from a Linux computer
Adding Printers in OS X
How to add printers in OS X
Adding Printers in Windows
How to add printers in Windows
Adding Printers: optional features
Configuration settings to make full use of Centrally-maintained printers
Apple Screen Sharing
How to access Apple Screen Sharing to give yourself a Apple desktop screen session
Computing Data Storage in Theoretical Physics
A description of Theoretical Physics Disk Storage facilities
Computing Etiquette In Theoretical Physics
Etiquette for computer use and running jobs in Theoretical Physics
Connecting to Physics file servers from macOS
How to connect to file servers from macOS
Dropbox on Macs
How to install Dropbox
Email in OS X
Instructions for configuring various Mac email clients
Hydra, Theoretical Physics' compute cluster
Information about Hydra, the Theoretical Physics compute cluster for people needing lots of CPU power
Remote Access in Theoretical Physics
How to remotely access the Theory IT Systems
Remote Access to Apple Desktops
how to remotely access your Apple desktop system
Running Computing Jobs: Why?
FAQ of 'why' for computational jobs
Screen: managing multiple programs over a single ssh connection
Interactive background processing
Self Service for MacOS
The Self-Service facility under Mac OS X
Self-Administered Desktop Systems in Theoretical Physics
A description of the procedure for Self-Administering a system in Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics Apple Desktop System
An overview of the Theory Apple Desktop Systems
Theoretical Physics Computing Rules of Use
Rules when using Theoretical Physics systems
Theoretical Physics Computing Support
How to contact IT Support in Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics IT support staff
Theoretical Physics support staff
Theoretical Physics Linux Desktop System
An overview of the Theory Linux Desktop Systems
Theoretical Physics Web Service
An overview of the web service provided by Theoretical Physics IT Support
Theory computing back-up policy
Details about the back-up policy within Theoretical physics
VPN Access in macOS
How to setup VPN access in macOS
Where has g77 gone to?
.... and why you probably don't need it (or libg2c) after all

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