Fellowship applications

Planning a fellowship application? Get in touch!

We are here to help with all applications for Fellowships to be held at the Oxford Physics department - for both internal and external candidates.

We have a dedicated email for fellowship applications to ensure your query reaches our team quickly: fellowships(at)physics.ox.ac.uk. Please get in touch as soon as you have decided to apply for a particular scheme.

To ensure submission of high quality, competitive proposals the department runs an internal review process for all fellowship applications. A copy of our helpful fellowship application process flow chart is available in the attachments section of this page which explains how your application will be handled and what you will be asked to produce at each stage.

How can we help you?

  • Advice on suitable funding opportunities and your eligibility
  • Advice on and preparation of application costings
  • Proof-reading and advice on non-technical aspects of the proposal when time allows (late summer is very busy for us!)
  • Checking compliance with funder rules
  • Securing departmental Letters of Support
  • Arranging for mandatory departmental and University approvals
  • Arranging mock interviews

How can you help us to help you?

  • Let us know you intend to apply with plenty of notice! We work with applicants over a period of approx. 8 weeks to develop proposals
  • Have a CV and short project summary ready early - this is very useful for us in securing departmental support for your application.
  • Get in contact with your potential collaborators in our department to discuss your ideas, and get an idea of how your research will fit with our department. All fellowship applicants must have the support of a local academic in order to apply through Oxford Physics. Most fellowship applications require a letter of support therefore it is helpful if someone is familiar with your scientific credentials. In addition they will be the best people to help you to develop your scientific case.
  • Familiarise yourself with the scheme guidance published on the funder website. Make sure you have checked whether your idea fits with what they wish to fund - ask our team if you have any queries.
  • Be upfront about what your proposed research will cost (especially if you need access to specific equipment or facilities) and make sure you understand what can be accomplished with the funding on offer so that your proposal is realistic. We can offer advice on in-house costs that will need to be included in your proposal.
  • Read the guidance that we send you/publish on our website and try to adhere to our timescales as much as possible; the mandatory internal approval process can take up to 2 weeks so your application needs to be finished ahead of the funder deadline. Don't plan to be writing it the day before the deadline!
  • Many fellowship applications need letters of support from Heads of Department, or sometimes institutional administration. These can usually only be requested once the application is nearly complete and it is in your interest to allow sufficient time for these to be written well.

Fellowship schemes

Listed below are the main fellowships that are relevant to work in our department. If you don't see the one you'd like to apply for listed here, then please get in touch for further advice.