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A/V Updates and modifications carried out to Lecture Theatres and Meeting Rooms


Planning for Jack Patton and Freeman room upgrades.

December/January 24

Install new ceiling microphone in the Robert Hooke meeting room.
Swap the TV screen in the back of the Robert Hooke meeting room with one capable of being controlled by the Extron system.
Install Extron control system. Rear Cisco camera will be replaced with an IP camera.
DWB Seminar room will have a new Extron control panel installed.
Mulvey Room V/C system to be updated.

Networking Updates

Winter23 /Spring 2024

  • Complete Juniper Mist Wi-Fi APs on AOPP 1st and 2nd floors. Installation of Mist Wi-Fi in the Hooke Buildings.

Summer/Autumn 2023

  • Install Juniper Mist Wi-Fi APs on AOPP top floor. Building service install cabling to fit out second floor of AOPP.

Infrastructure Updates

University Wide Updates

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