Computing Data Storage in Theoretical Physics

Linux desktop system

Home directories

Files in one's home directory are stored on an NFS server. Quota is 75GB. This can be extended by request, but space on the server is limited for the time being. This space is mounted at /home/$USER and /network/home/theory/$USER and is backed up daily.

Client hard disks

Files for local processing are be stored at /local/home/$USER and /scratch on machines with an extra disk (/scratch/$USER is preferred, please make this directory yourself).
These are not backed up except by request.

Interactive systems

These are the same as desktops, but the /local and /scratch partitions are larger (several TB in some cases). The space available is listed on log in.

Cluster systems

The Theory cluster systems have tens of TB of commonly-mounted disk space. This space is intended for the (often very large) data sets that calculations either use or produce; it is not intended for the long-term storage of data.

Apple desktop system

An overview of the Apple Systems in the Department of Physics can be found on our website at the following location:

Overview of Apple systems in the Department of Physics

Groups shared space

The Apple system has a large, shared backed-up collaboration space called Groups, It can be accessed via SMB and is shared from the Physics Apple File Server. To access it from an Apple system in Finder click Go > Connect to Server from the menu bar at the top of the screen and type the following:

This space is particularly useful for files that need to be accessed by multiple users, since these users will typically want to access the files from different machines.

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