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* OBSOLETE * : MyMacPorts
Installing and using a personal build of MacPorts
Adding Printers in Linux
How to connect to a Sharp printer from a Linux computer
Adding Printers in OS X
How to add printers in OS X
Adding Printers in Windows
How to add printers in Windows
Adding Printers: optional features
Configuration settings to make full use of Centrally-maintained printers
Apple Screen Sharing
How to access Apple Screen Sharing to give yourself a Apple desktop screen session
Connecting to Physics file servers from macOS
How to connect to file servers from macOS
Dropbox on Macs
How to install Dropbox
Email in OS X
Instructions for configuring various Mac email clients
Remote Access to Apple Desktops
how to remotely access your Apple desktop system
Screen: managing multiple programs over a single ssh connection
Interactive background processing
Self Service for MacOS
The Self-Service facility under Mac OS X
VPN Access in macOS
How to setup VPN access in macOS
Where has g77 gone to?
.... and why you probably don't need it (or libg2c) after all