Account management

If you are a new to the department, please have a look at our guide for Help for New Users of Central Services.

You can find more information about DHCP/MAC Addresses here.

When you register for a Physics Account, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated in the Department of Physics Rules for Computer Use document.

Physics Networking Account

To obtain a Physics Networking Account simply ask your administration personnel to have you registered in the staff database and then your account will be created automatically shortly afterwards.

If you want to change your account password details over the web, this can be done via the web interface to the mail system.

Email forwarding

Click here to change your Physics email forwarding details

Connecting a System to the Physics Cable Network

N.B. Departmentally supplied and configured systems will already have been registered when you receive them.

To register a system on the cable network, please fill in the form for cable network registration.

Connecting a System to the Physics Wireless Network

N.B. Departmentally supplied and configured laptops will normally already have been registered for the wireless network.

The Physics_S wireless network is now available, there's no need to register MAC addresses just connect with your Physics Network credentials. No problems with accounts expiring if the wireless device hasn't been seen on the network.

Connecting to Physics_S

This network superceeds PHYSICS_M and gives wireless access to everyone with a Physics account without further registration.

There is information about the Wireless Network here

Registering for an OWL account

For short-term visitors Wireless accounts, The University of Oxford offer the OWL Service. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions set out by both Physics and The University to obtain one of these accounts. You can register for an OWL Visitor account by using your Physics Networking account.

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