The physics department is divided into six sub-departments covering a broad range of research topics.

Each sub-department has their own individual web-pages which provide information on the available research projects and admissions procedures within the sub-department. For full information on the selection criteria, application deadlines and the research projects available, please refer to the sub-department web-pages.

All applications must be made through the central University Graduate Admissions website.

If your application is related to more than one of the physics sub-departments, there is no need to complete a separate application for each. Please instead select one DPhil course and then add any additional Physics DPhils for which you would like to be considered to your application form, stating the academic’s name (where relevant) and sub-department. Your application will then be assessed for each of the Physics DPhils you have indicated. The information should be added in the ‘proposed supervisor name’ field or, if there is insufficient space, please include this clearly at the top of your research proposal. However, should you wish to apply to a different department or to a particular CDT you will need to submit a separate application for this; information on application fee waivers for CDT applications is available in the Application Guide

The department offers a D.Phil by research (also known as a PhD), which will generally involve 3 or 4 years of study.

In addition to the DPhil courses, the Maths and Physics departments jointly offer a taught Masters course in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, see MMathPhys

Some subjects, such as plasma physics, are offered in a number of sub-departments. Visit the Centre for Postgraduate Training in Plasma Physics and High Energy Density Science page for further details.

Fees and Funding

There are two main sources of funding for graduate research students, University Scholarships and UK Research Council studentships, but there may also be other external or College linked awards available for some students. The University has a comprehensive search facility to help you source funding. For more information on fees and funding, please visit the specific section of our website.

Contact Us

Those interested in the work of more than one sub-department, or who have general questions should contact any of the contacts below who will be happy to help: