Theoretical Physics Web Service

Theoretical Physics provides a comprehensive web service for its members. This services hosts personal sites for members, as well as sites for conferences, projects and collaborations.

Accessing the web service

The Theoretical Physics Apple desktop systems used to have the web space mounted automatically on the root of this file system is mounted at: /web however this has now changed. You now have to mount the directory manually on the system you wish to mount it from.

If you now wish to mount the web directory from an Apple system do the following:

  1. In Finder either click "Go" > "Connect To" from the menu bar or press "cmd + K"
  2. In the server address field type the following: smb://
  3. You will then be asked to enter your username and password.

Details for accessing the web directory from Linux can be found here

From a Windows 7 system click on the Windows icon and in the Search Programs and Files folder type the following and authenticate with your physics username and password when prompted:


The personal web sites offered on the Theory server are stored at:


and everyone is entitled to have one, though these directories are not generated automatically (please see below).

Frequently asked questions

How do I write HTML?

Take a look at some tutorials.

I want write access to a particular file/directory

Except in the case of personal directories, by which write-permission is granted by username, write-permission to other directories (those belonging to conferences, seminars, research groups, etc.) are granted by membership of particular groups, to which write-access has been conferred.

Essentially, you should contact support with your request.

I want a web presence on the Theory system

Personal home pages are not created automatically, to avoid the administrative and security overhead that that generates. However, they can be added very quickly and on request. Please contact support.

I want to host a conference/project site

We can accommodate all these kinds of requests, please contact us with details. We can generally help with simple active pages for, e.g. conference registration, but we do not have time to debug or secure more complex active pages. We will also burden you personally with the responsibility of maintaining the security of anything more complex than simple email or conference registration scripts. Please consider whether you have the time to devote to this, and speak to us before starting to develop complex active pages that you intend to host here.

I want my own or URL

Both of these are possible. We will grant a request for the former on just about anything to do with the Physics department. The authority to use the latter is granted by OUCS, whose criterion is only slightly more onerous: your project must usually be intra-departmental in some way. Please contact us for details.

In general, it is not possible to host domains on the Oxford network (please see here for reasons why).

I want to password protect something or restrict access to

This is certainly possible, with varying levels of security. Please contact

Advanced configuration of the web service

We are capable of implementing any number of redirects, and other advanced server configuration, in the central configuration file. If you are leaving Oxford, or otherwise want a redirect or similar to be configured, please contact us directly.

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