Theoretical Physics Computing Rules of Use

Rules when using Theoretical Physics systems

Use of the Theory Linux desktop system is subject to the following rules:

Reasonable behaviour: you must not use the computer system in a manner that causes undue inconvenience for other users. You are given access to every machine on the network, and you are expected to behave with commensurate responsibility. A guide to etiquette is available. Possible violations might include:

  • Running large numbers of jobs on another user's desktop machine.
  • Running intensive or time-consuming jobs at a high priority, especially on other users' or shared use machines.
  • Using large quantities of network disk space for non-academic purposes.

Maintaining security: you must not act in a way that imperils the security of the system, for instance, by:

The intention is not to restrict you, but to enable everyone to work together. In the case of a minor violation, running jobs may be killed, and your account may be temporarily suspended until you can be contacted and the matter discussed. In all other cases you will be referred to the Head of Department. If you have any questions, and especially if you want to do something that may have security implications, then please contact me.

Central Physics rules of use

The above rules are in addition to the standard physics department rules, which are especially applicable when using a Central Physics system, such as Physics gitlab. The Central Physics rules of use are published here.

University rules of use

Computer use is also bound by the University's rules, as well as the rules by which the University is itself bound by its upstream network provider (i.e. JISC's JANET). You can access the University's rules, as well as links to the JANET rules, by following this link (SharePoint version).

Computer use and the law

You are obviously bound by British government legislation when using our computer systems.

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