The Beecroft Building

State of the art working space for theorists and high-tech laboratories for experimentalists

This step-change in the quality of the department's infrastructure will equip us for cutting edge science in the 21st century. Take a virtual tour ...

The basement laboratories will provide a high quality environment with very low vibration levels and excellent temperature control. Above ground there will be accommodation for theorists with the atrium containing a hierarchy of spaces suitable for discussion groups of a couple of people up to a dozen or more. The whole building will be linked to the existing Clarendon Laboratory at three levels.

Oxford City Council has granted planning permission for the building. The councillors praised the outstanding design produced by the architectural firm Hawkins Brown, its excellent employment of the available space, low environmental impact and low carbon footprint.

The total cost of the Beecroft building will be around £40M. Please get in touch with the Alumni Relations Office if you would like to support this exciting project.