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Welcome to the Home Page for the Physics Department Microsoft Windows systems.

Use of these systems is covered by the Physics Department Computing Policy and strategy is set by the Computing Committee.

The group provides support for MS Windows desktops and laptops. The group run automated procedures to check windows systems on the main network up-to-date with security patches and anti-virus software.

End of life for Windows 10

End of life for Windows 10 is the 14th of October 2025. We appreciate that this may sound like a long way off, but we implore you to contact IT support sooner rather than later to discuss your options and arrange a plan of action. Please note: that this end of life is quite unlike those previously issued by Microsoft.
This time Microsoft have defined a *strict* set of hardware requirements and systems that fail to meet these requirements will be completely unable to upgrade to Windows 11. The majority of systems purchased in the last six years will meet the requirements (This includes all Lenovo systems provide by Physics IT).

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