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Email in the Physics department
An introduction to the email system used in the physics department
Overview of Exchange
Overview of Exchange
Account management,
How to get an account, connect to the network, and forward email
Address Book: LDAP
How to configure your mail client to connect with the physics address book
E-mail with text-based clients, using IMAP and SMTP with Nexus 365
General settings; details for the pine and mutt clients, and Postfix.
Email in OS X
Instructions for configuring various Mac email clients
Email on Android phones
How to access your email and calendar on an Android phone
Email using IMAP
Connect to your inbox on Thunderbird, Pine and other IMAP Clients
Exporting mail from Outlook to a file
Exporting mail from Outlook to a file
FAQ Email
Frequently asked questions about the email service in physics
Forwarding E-mail
How to forward all your e-mail.
How to view the full headers of an email
How to view email headers
Managing Email Lists or Groups
Managing email lists and groups
Migrating to Nexus 365. Setup for IMAP Clients.
Steps for the n365 migration
Migration of Physics Email to Nexus
Nexus 365 Migration Issues
Nexus 365 Migration. Instructions for Group A
Nexus 365 Migration. Instructions for Group B
Nexus365 Migration for Apple Systems
How to configure your Apple Macintosh System for Nexus365
Out of Office Message in Outlook
Setting up an out of office message in Outlook
Schedule a meeting using a web browser
How to arrange a meeting with other members of the department using a web browser
Schedule a Meeting using Outlook 2010
How to schedule a mutually agreeable time for a meeting using Outlook 2010
Setting up iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Setting up iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
ZIP File E-Mail Attachments
Handling ZIP file e-mail attachments

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