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Email Addresses

Can I change my email address?

Your email address is constructed from your University card registration details and your primary affiliation (which may be a department or a college). This is policy but in some cases IT services registration may agree to change your address to a version that you are commonly known by. If you have multiple affiliations such as department and college, you can select the preferred default address using the Self-Registration website.

Spam Filtering

I have received mail from a mailing list which I do not want, should I send them an email to unsubscribe?

Before sending an email to an address given in an unwanted email you should be sure that the mail comes from a valid mailling list. "Unsubscribe" links at the bottom of spam mails are a popular method for spammers to harvest valid email addresses, using these links will only increase the amount of spam you receive. However, if the mailing list is one you have subscribed to in the past or is a legitimate list you should indeed send an email to the list administrator to unsubscribe you.

Can you block email from a particular person?

Blocking email from a particular sender address usually does not have much effect, since it is trivially easy to fake or change a sender address. However, if you are receiving annoying email from a particular person you can blacklist their address using the block function in Microsoft Outlook.

Can you block email of this sort?

You will need to contact IT Services, it is often difficult to block email from specific addresses unless it is particularly serious.

I have received a message saying mail from my account was blocked as spam. I never sent that mail, is my account compromised?

Probably not. Sender addresses are often faked and you will just have received an unjustified bounce.

Since sender addresses are easily faked in email, we do not block based on sender address except for very few exceptions. It is most likely that this message was not blocked because of where it came from but rather because of what it contained.

An email to me has not arrived, has it been rejected?

The Nexus365 mail service is centrally managed by IT Services, physics IT staff do not have any access to the system that would enable us to investigate. Please contact the Nexus365 support team at IT services.

Do you bounce or reject spam?

Generally only emails that are known to contact dangerous viruses are actually rejects. Anything else which isn't deleivered is placed in the Junk email folder.

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