Managing Email Lists or Groups

There are currently two Oxford systems which hold email distribution list for the physics department. The first one is based on the department's active directory (AD) system. This is intended for lists that contain almost exclusively Oxford Physics staff and students. Because this system is closely integrated with other departmental services, lists can be automatically populated based on sub-department, location, role etc etc. The other system is the University's maillist server. This is the preferred system for lists which contain a lot of external email addresses or for lists where recipients need to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves.

Managing Active Directory email lists

Many will already be familiar with managing this type of email list by using Outlook or OWA. As the department is migrating to the campus email system, Nexus, this way of managing email lists will not work because the groups only exist in the Physics active directory, not in the Nexus equivalent. However, a self contained application has been made available via the `Self-Service` function on managed Windows systems which provides a simple and direct way to manage groups in our directory and does not depend on which email service you are using for your email. The application is known as `Group Manager`. Once started it will list all groups for which you have the right to change membership and you simply open the group to inspect and change membership.

If you need to run this but don't have a managed Windows system, the program is also available on the windows terminal server (termserv) in the `All Programs` section of the start menu under `cjwdev`.

Using the campus maillist service

Email lists on this service are managed through the web with url You need to login using your campus SSO and username. You will then see a list of relevant groups in the left hand column. If you have the right to manager a group an `ADMIN` button will be alongside the group name. Click on this to get to the pages that allow you to change membership.

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