Exporting mail from Outlook to a file

You can export all your mail to a file which can then be copied across the network to another institution or written on to a CD or DVD.

In Outlook you can do that by doing the following.

-> Options
-> Advanced
-> Export
-> Click on the Export button
-> Export to a file
-> Outlook Data File (.pst)
-> Select your mailbox
and ensure that the "Include subfolders" box is ticked
-> Save exported file as:
Browse to where you want to save it and give it a name (e.g. myphysicsmail.pst)

Once you have done that copy the file to a safe location. You can also copy it on to a CD or DVD for archiving or to take away with you.

Later you can import the mail from the file into another mailbox elsewhere e.g. using the Import facility in Outlook.

While your Physics account is still active you can do all this on TERMSERVQC if you do not have a Windows system with Outlook.

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