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Accessing Data Storage from Windows Systems
Accessing data storage from Windows systems
Adding IPP Printer
IPP Printing
Adding Printers in Windows
How to add printers in Windows
Packages for Microelectronics, Microsystems and Photonics.
Vector graphics package.
CorelDRAW Further Information
Further information on CorelDRAW.
Linux-like environment for Windows
Packages for Microelectronics, Microsystems and Photonics.
X-Windows connectivity for Windows systems
IC Design Kits
IC design kits.
Interactive Data Language.
Vector graphics editor.
Intel Compilers
Intel FORTRAN and C++ compilers, including Intel Math Kernel Library.
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers.
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers Installation Instructions
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers Installation Instructions
Intel Compilers from University Servers Installation Instructions
Intel Compilers from University Servers Installation Instructions
Extract and compress files from archives.
Data acquisition and control, data analysis, and data presentation.
LabVIEW Components
LabVIEW components included in our site licence.
LabVIEW Further Information
LabVIEW Further Information
Mathematica Further Information
Mathematica: further information.
Mathematica in Physics
Details of kits and licensing for Mathematica in the Physics Department.
Mathematica Support
Mathematica support details.
Mathematical computing environment
Mendeley Desktop
Bibliography and research paper management.
Packages for Microelectronics, Microsystems and Photonics.
Typesetting and Publishing using TeX/LaTeX.
MS Project
Project management package.
Obtaining Kits on a Windows System
Instructions for obtaining kits from the local kits server on a Windows system.
Graphing and data analysis software for scientists and engineers.
Origin Installation Instructions
Origin Installation Instructions
Out of Office Message in Outlook
Setting up an out of office message in Outlook
Power saving
Minimizing the Power Consumption of IT Equipment
Proofing Tools
Tools for proof reading documents.
Terminal emulator.
Scientific Word
Graphical editing interface to TeX/LaTeX.
Self Service
Easy installation of software.
Self Service on Windows
Self Service on Windows.
Sophos Installation
Anti-virus software installation
Type-setting package.
Graphical interface for editing and processing TeX/LaTeX documents.
Thunderbird mail on Windows 10
Virus Detection
Information on viruses and the virus protection used in the department.
Visual Studio
Integrate development environment.
VPN Access in Windows
Connecting to the Physics VPN using the Windows operating system
Windows 11
Windows 11
Windows on Linux
Windows on Linux
SFTP and SCP client.
Screen editor for TeX/LaTeX.
WinTeX Tips and Tricks
Further information on the use of WinTeX including solutions to some problems.
Wireless connection using Microsoft Windows 7
Connecting to Physics_S using Microsoft Windows 7
Development and design of programmable logic devices.

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