Accessing Data Storage from Windows Systems

Experimental data storage may be accessed on Windows in a number of ways.

(1) Y:\DAQ\subdepartment\nameofgroup (in Physics domain)
(2) \\physics\DFS\DAQ\subdepartment\nameofgroup (in Physics domain)
(3) \\\DFS\DAQ\subdepartment\nameofgroup (outside Physics domain)
(4) \\CLARENDONDAQ\subdeptDAQ\nameofgroup (in Physics domain, not recommended)
(5) \\\subdeptDAQ\nameofgroup (outside Physics domain, not recommended)

N.B. CLARENDONDAQ is currently being replaced by ALDAQ1, CMDAQ1, CMDAQ2, CMDAQ3 .

Options 4 and 5 are not recommended as any change of the server's name would cause some disruption but they may have to be used on non-Windows systems or in exceptional circumstances.

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