Intel Compilers from University Servers Installation Instructions

Intel Compiler Installation Notes (from University Servers).

You may do the following when installing the Intel Compiler.

The instructions given here are for the FORTRAN compiler on a Windows system. Details will vary with different versions of the compiler and different platforms (Windows/Linux).

The Linux installation kits contain installation instructions.

1. Copy the kit to a local directory.

2. Save the values of all environment variables with names xxxx_LICENSE_FILE (e.g. in a text file). Then delete all environment variables with names xxxx_LICENSE_FILE (usually INTEL_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE).

3. Make sure there isn't a licence file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licences e.g. xxxxx.LIC. If there is rename it to xxxx.NO_LIC.

4. Run the installation procedure e.g. W_FC_C_9_0_020.EXE for version 9.0.020 of the Intel FORTRAN compiler.

(1) When asked about licensing select "Other Options" and browse to the file FORTRAN.LIC .

(2) There are six components to be installed: install them all. The procedure will go through the following (a) to (e) six times.

(a) Agree licence terms.

(b) Install for all users.

(c) Complete installation.

(d) You'll be asked many times whether or not to continue. Always select "Continue": take care as Continue is not always the default.

(e) Select "Automatically update environment variables".

The Itanium compiler will fail to install: it's the third in the list of six.

N.B. Later versions of the compiler may skip (1)-(2) , have a different number of components (e.g. four rather than six) and install everything automatically but will still ask questions (a) to (e).

There are several times where the installation window vanishes and nothing appears to be happening. Be patient: it will return.

The final window may still be expecting you to click "Install" on the failed item. Select "Exit" and that completes the installation procedure.

For later versions the final window may be an "Installation completed" window with a "Finish" button: click on it.

5. Reinstate the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable with the value "" from the empty value or any other value the installation procedure may have set.

6. Open a new command window and test the compiler with the ifort (or whatever you want to do) command.

WARNING! Although the installation procedure may complete successfully later versions of compilers may not be supported by the licence server.

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