Particle Physics Unix personal web space

This service is deprecated and will be removed at the end of Centos 7 support. New users should create a "Users and Groups" web page instead.

What is provided

Some personal webspace is made available so that you can easily share small files with external collaborators.

What it is not

This webspace is unsuitable for large php or other scripting language script-based websites. For such applications it is better to work with Physics IT ( to set up a webserver that meets your requirements. For content management, we can set up a Drupal system and for wiki's we suggest media wiki.

Where it is

The URL is:

Users can have web pages by simply creating a directory called public_html in thir login directory on any of the pplxintX (interactive) systems.
For example /home/brisbane/public_html/index.html would be visible as

To allow directory listings please email

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