Web articles - IT Support

Central Physics website
Information on the main physics websites.
Accessibility guidlines for websites
Accessibility guidelines for the website
Content blocks are bits of content displayed in the rightmost column of pages.
Blog posts on Physics website
General information about creating a new blog and blog entries on Physics website
Case studies
Case studies appear in the Enterprise section of the website and are useful for listing services offered within a workshop
Content guidelines
How pages on this website should be written, in terms of tense and voice
We have a responsibility to make sure that copyright is respected. If content comes from outside the department, we must ensure that we have permission to reproduce it, whether explicit or implicit.
Digital certificates
How to download and install digital certificates in the Physics Department.
Editing Intranet content
How to make your webpages and profiles look fabulous
Formatting Intranet web content
Getting to grips with the website's BBCode formatting syntax
Forms and questionnaires
Webforms allow you to create questionnaires which can be sent out externally and internally to the department
Guide to the Intranet web
This guide covers how to login, edit, update your profile, create news and events, and view your email on the web
Image galleries
An image gallery is possible on this site. This article shows you how to create one
How to insert images into a web page
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for editing a page on the website
Links on the Physics Intranet website
Linking between pages on the physics website
Organising web content
Structuring your section of the website
Particle Physics Unix personal web space
Web pages hosted by the unix systems
Permissions on the main physics website
How to delegate sections of the site
Physics Group Pages
A description of group webpages at groups.physics.ox.ac.uk
Physics Personal User Pages
A description of personal webpages at users.physics.ox.ac.uk
Profile editing
How to edit your profile
Reduce PDF file size
Instruction how to reduce/optimize size of a PDF file on Windows and Linux
Research group webpages
How to create a and manage research group on the main physics website
Research highlights
Research highlights are affiliated with a research group and are useful for listing anything that the group wishes to highlight
Schedule a meeting using a web browser
How to arrange a meeting with other members of the department using a web browser
Basic details about the SharePoint services within the Department and The University.
Sharing large files with people
Introduction to OxFile service that can be used to share files with members, and with people outside the University
Maintaining your list of publications
Theoretical Physics Web Service
An overview of the web service provided by Theoretical Physics IT Support
Video tutorials for using the Physics Intranet web-site
Video tutorials on how to do content editing on the internal website. Covers multiple areas such as basic formatting, lists, linking, uploading, images, collapsing sections.
Web services
Web services available to members of Department of Physics

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