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Connecting to PP Interactive Servers
Connecting to PP Interactive Servers
Getting started with the particle physics grid
Legacy Particle Physics Linux Batch Farm
Managing Data Files
How to manage files and directories in data areas
Particle Physics Linux Condor Batch Farm
Particle Physics Condor Batch Farm
Particle Physics Linux Systems
Go-to page for PPUnix queries
Particle Physics Linux Systems Background
The current strategy in Particle Physics is to use commodity priced systems running Microsoft Windows for the desktop. These provide all the usual applications, MS Office, Email, etc and access to Particle Physics Unix servers via X Windows (Exceed)
Particle Physics Unix personal web space
Web pages hosted by the unix systems
Frequently Asked Questions about the Particle Physics Unix systems
PPUnix remote access
Remote access to the ppunix cluster
Python and pyROOT Tutorial
A short introduction to python, with an emphasis on what you should know to be able to use pyROOT, a HEP analysis package
Software on the Particle Physics Linux Cluster
How to use software available from the Particle Linux systems

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