Oxford Physics Bulletin Board

The OPBB is a website located at http://it2.physics.ox.ac.uk/phpbb/ which contains several bulletin boards, or "forums", which can be used for posting notices or discussions in a public (within Physics) area.


Navigate to http://it2.physics.ox.ac.uk/phpbb/. You will be presented with a list of available boards or forums. Click its name to read the posts inside. Each post is accompanied with information about who it was written by, how many public replies (if any) it has had, and the date it was last updated.


To post, you must first log in. Click "Login" at the top of the page, or use the form on the front page. You must log in with your Physics username and password - this is the same as the ones you use to access your mail, or log in to your computer.

After logging in, make sure you are looking at the forum you wish to post in, and click "New Topic". Enter a subject and write your post, and click "Submit" when you are done. The new post is published immediately.

To reply to an existing post, click "Post Reply" on the post's page. In this way, many people can have group discussions in a public arena.

Deleting old posts

If a post is no longer relevant and you wish to delete it, navigate to the post's page and click the "X" icon to the right of the subject.

Note that you can only delete your own posts.

New forums

If you wish to have a forum for yourself, please contact David Glover via itsupport@physics.ox.ac.uk and one can be created for your specific topic.

More information

For extra help, see the FAQ at: http://it2.physics.ox.ac.uk/phpbb/faq.php

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