HOWTO articles - IT Support

Applications Setup
How to Activate certain programs and suites at the command line
Care and Feeding of Shells
How to not blow your command interpreter out of the water before it starts
Environment Modules on Apple Macs
A functional replacement for Applications Setup
Git for Beginners
Basics of using gitlab.physics, and git in general
Git Projects with Multiple Contributors
Suggestions for maintaining a Git project with multiple contributors
How to type the # sign with a UK keyboard
Circumnavigating the mysteries of keyboard layouts under MacOS X
How to use rsync
Introduction to transferring files between systems
Makefiles for Beginners
First steps in using the "make" utility
Migrating Projects from SVN to Git
A show-and-tell: moving projects from scm.physics to gitlab.physics
Portable Software
An introduction to the uses and coding practices of portable software
SCM for Beginners (*OBSOLETE*)
From an empty repository to your second commit
Screen: managing multiple programs over a single ssh connection
Interactive background processing

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