Astrophysics articles - IT Support

Computing in Astrophysics
An overview of computing facilities in Astrophysics
Adding Printers in Linux
How to connect to a Sharp printer from a Linux computer
Adding Printers in macOS
How to add printers in macOS
Adding Printers in Windows
How to add printers in Windows
Apple Screen Sharing
How to access Apple Screen Sharing to give yourself a Apple desktop screen session
Applications Setup
How to Activate certain programs and suites at the command line
Astrophysics Apple Desktop System
A brief introduction to Astrophysics desktop Macs
Astrophysics: Libraries
Software libraries available on Astrophysics OS X systems
Astrophysics: Software Updates
Announcements of new and updated software for Astro Macs
Computing Etiquette In Astrophysics
A description of best practices for getting the best performance out of the Astrophysics Apple Desktop systems
Conditions for Self Management of a Astrophysics Desktop System
A description of the conditions for self management of a Desktop system in Astrophysics
Connecting to Physics file servers from macOS
How to connect to file servers from macOS
Glamdring, the Astrophysics compute cluster
Glamdring is Astrophysics' compute cluster for people needing lots of CPU time
IDL in Astrophysics
IDL, as installed on Astro MacOS X systems
IRAF in a virtual Python
Setup and usage of IRAF, for use by PyRAF in virtual Python
MacPorts on Apple Macintosh Systems
MacPorts programs and libraries on Astrophysics MacOS X systems
Remote Access to Apple Desktops
how to remotely access your Apple desktop system
Screen: managing multiple programs over a single ssh connection
Interactive background processing
Self Service for MacOS
The Self-Service facility under macOS
The Starlink collection
The Astrophysics Alumnus Server
An Astrophysics system for use from off-site
Transition to the New Astrophysics OS X System Setup
Information about the Astrophysics Snow Leopard upgrade
Virtual Python on Astrophysics Macs
Creating and using a virtual Python setup, using Central MacPorts
VPN Access in macOS
How to setup VPN access in macOS

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