macOS Laptop Upgrades

If you wish to upgrade your Apple MacBook system to the latest version of macOS then you can do so yourself via the Self Service application in the /Applications folder. Your laptop will need to be connected to the Physics wired network in order to to make the upgrade available to your system. We strongly recommend that you have a complete backup of the system before you upgrade . Once the upgrade is installed the system will reboot and complete the installation.

PLEASE NOTE: The macOS High Sierra or later upgrade will convert any flash or SSD disk to the new Apple file system (APFS). Because of this the upgrade can take a long time, the time it takes depends on how full your hard disk currently is.

Please consider the following before upgrading your MacBook:

  • Make sure that you have a complete backup of your laptop, we recommend using the built in Time Machine backup mechanism..
  • You will need to check that any software that you have installed yourself onto the system is compatible with the latest version of macOS.
  • You may need to recompile any libraries or software that you have installed yourself onto the system.
  • We recommend only updating from the previous version of macOS as the install times tend to be shorter and there is less difference between the operating systems.

Detailed instructions for upgrading your MacBook

  1. Save all open documents and close all applications as the system will be restarted shortly.
  2. Open Self Service from the Applications folder in Finder.
  3. In the Featured section of the Self Service homepage there should be a "macOS Mojave Upgrade" icon.
  4. Click the "Upgrade" button next to the icon and read the information before clicking on the "Upgrade" button again to start the upgrade.
  5. Click OK to restart your computer.
  6. Your computer will then restart and complete the installation.
  7. Once the installation is complete it should go back to the login screen and you can log back in.
  8. After the login you will manually need to reinstall the following either by yourself or via the Self Service application:
    • The Physics MacPorts installation.
    • Any software which is specific to different versions of macOS needed for your research.

If you have any problems upgrading your system or If the macOS upgrade is not available to your MacBook system via Self Service please contact

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