Nexus Migration Plans Group B

This article applies to people who have been told that they are in Group B and that their migration to Nexus 365 will take place 2-4th March 2018. People in Group B are those who are actively using both their Physics and Nexus mailboxes

More about the nexus 365 project can be found at

General help on the migration, FAQ and links to client configuration information etc can be found here.

Step 1

During the night or evening of March 2nd 2018, your Nexus mailbox will be moved to Nexus 365. As these two services are part of the same hybrid system, Outlook is expected to automatically connect to the new service after a simple restart of the application and input of credentials in the form abcd1234@OX.AC.UK. Other clients, particularly Apple Mail and those using IMAP (e.g. Thunderbird) will need to be setup with a new account using the instructions given in the link above. If you have difficulty setting up your mail client to use the Nexus 365 service, please remember that you can always connect using a web browser.

At the same time, your Physics mailbox will be replaced by a forward to your Nexus 365 mailbox so that this becomes your active mailbox and all new emails will start arriving there. You will receive notification emails at both the start and end of this process. Please remember that if you need to reference old emails but these haven't yet appeared on Nexus 365, they will still be available via a web browser to the old physics system.

Step 2

Once your mailbox has been moved to Nexus 365, your quota will be 50GB rather than 2 or 3 GB so there will be plenty of space to hold a copy of all the messages you currently have on the Physics server. As soon as your nexus 365 mailbox is available, we will start copying data across from the physics server to your Nexus 365 mailbox. By default they will be copied to a new directory tree called `physics/...' so that messages previously delivered to the Physic's servers are clearly separated from Nexus ones. It is expected that the copying process will complete over the weekend and ready for the start of work on Monday 5th March.

Step 3
You will then be able to review the contents of the `physics/...' folder tree and move folders and contents around your mailbox as best meets your needs. If you would prefer to have all of the physics emails merged directly into the folder structure on nexus (e.g. your physics Inbox is copied into your Nexus 365 Inbox etc etc) then please contact IT support immediately. Note however that in doing this there is plenty of scope for duplication of emails especially if you have had any forwarding in place between the two systems.

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