Nexus and Out of Office messages

Physics users are currently split over two email systems, the Physics system and the IT services Nexus system. This is a temporary situation as we expect to be fully migrated to Nexus by the summer of 2018. During this transitional period there is a problem in that Out-Of-Office (OOO) messages relating to other nexus users (i.e. most of the University) are not forwarded on to users who are still on the physics email service. So users still on the Physics system may want to make the following adjustments as a short term workaround.

Go to the IT services self-registration pages and login using your SSO and password.

Click on `Nexus Options` in the left hand pane (3rd block down).

If there is more than one mailbox listed, please select the one that matches your SSO as this is your primary.
Click on `Email forwarding address settings` and then `submit`.

(The forwarding address shown will be similar to the one in the example, but it will have your own SSO at the beginning. You will be using the same address to set up a inbox rule later in these instructions.)

Change the `Save local copy? setting to `yes`.

Submit and then click confirm.

These steps will ensure that all out of messages originating inside nexus are delivered to your mailbox so you can now add a rules which detects them and forwards to your mailbox on the physics server.

To do this, logon to your nexus mailbox using the web interface. Login using your SSO and password.

In the top right hand corner, click on `Options` and select `See all options`.

Click on organize `E-mail` and select the tab called `Inbox Rules`.

Click `New` and select `Create a new rule for arriving messages`.

Click on `More Options`.

The first box labelled `When the message arrives, and:` should be filled in as follows.
Select `its`

Select `of the type`

Then open `Select one` and choose the option than says `Automatic Reply`

In the second box labelled `Do the following`

Click `Forward, redirect or send`

Select `Forward the message to...` The following screen appears

At the bottom there is a box labelled `To ->` in this box you need to type an explicit delivery address for your physics mailbox, this is something you wont typically have seen or cared about previously but is of the form

(insert your own SSO)

Click `ok` and in the bottom box labelled `Name of rule:` type `Forwards automatic replies to physics`

You should now have a screen looking like this (but with your SSO instead of `dpmp0010` in the forwarding address.

Click `Save`.

You can now return to your usual mail client connected to the physics server and test by sending an email to the following address which has an Out-Of-Office setup

You should receive an email (which appears to come from yourself) soon after that and within that message will be a copy of the Out-Of-Office message. (Please note that each user only gets one copy of an OOO message so sending a second time will not generate another OOO message.)

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