MATLAB Installation Instructions for Version 7.5 and before

MATLAB Installation Notes for Version 7.5 and before.

A MATLAB licence is needed.

You may do the following when installing MATLAB. Note that details may differ with different versions of MATLAB and Operating system.

Ensure that you save the contents of the PLP key and licence file to separate files on a local disk> before starting the installation.

Copy the complete MATLAB kit (for the desired version and platform) from the server on to a local disk.

Run Installer.exe (Windows) or tar -xf boot.ftp (Linux/Mac) .

Run setup.exe (Windows) or ./install (Linux/Mac)

Select "Install" (normally already selected).


Enter name (your name) and organisation ( Oxford University ) and copy the contents of your PLP file into the PLP window.


Select the option to install from local disk.


"Enter the full path of the licence file" Either enter the full file name or select Browse (usually the better option) to find and select the file. (If you select the Browse option the file can have any name but other options may require the name to be license.lic, license.dat, etc)
When browsing select the "All file types" or "Any file type" option.


Ignore the warning about the hostid in the licence file being different from that of the machine: that is because the licence file is using the University's licence server.


Licence Agreement



Installation Type



Select destination folder for installation. Accept the default.


You may be asked: "The destination folder xxxxxxx does not exist. Would you like to create it?


Confirm the installation options your have selected. Accept them as you have already requested a "Typical" installation.


The installation will then proceed for, possibly, several minutes.

A "File Extension Warning" may appear.

Yes to all (unless you're already use some of the file types for other purposes).

A window about "Product Configuration Notes" will appear. You don't need to do anything.


Setup Complete.

Finish ( with our without "Start MATLAB" ) selected.

Check that MATLAB is working by either selecting the Desktop icon for MATLAB or by going to Start -> Programs -> MATLAB -> etc...

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