Help for New Users

This page is intended for new users as it has useful links to information you need to get started with central IT services.

Conditions of Use

If you have not already done so, you should now familiarise yourself with the conditions of use for the Physics IT systems. These can be found at The department takes these rules very seriously and those found to be breaking the rules will face discipinary action.

New users must also be aware of the more general policies including the department's IT Security policy. All users are required to complete the online University's The Information Security and Data Privacy Awareness course.

Updating your online profile on the web site

Please take the time to update your online profile. There is a short guide on using the web for newcomers which explains how to do this.

Updating your contact details

The department needs to be able to contact you or, in the case of emergencies, your next of kin. You can check and update this information via a web application. You should use this same application to check that information about your work telephone number, office number etc are also correct.

Your Physics Network Account

If you have just received your account details and haven't done so yet, the first thing you should do is change your password.

You will need a physics network account to be able to use any of the central IT services, e.g.

There is Web-based help for Central Physics IT services available .


All new staff and graduate students are expected to use email accounts on the campus network email service Nexus365. To access this service you need to use your campus Single Sign On (SSO) account rather than your physics specific account. Visitors should continue to use facilities provided by their home institution or other external services but their email address should be registered with admin staff so that they can be included in the local directory and email groups.

If you need more help, please email

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