Wireless network access

Physics offers wireless(WiFi) internet access for members of Physics and for guests.

  • The terms and conditions specified in the Department of Physics Rules for Computer Use document.
  • Any personal machines connecting to the network MUST be running a supported OS and have all application and operating system updates applied, running a Firewall, running Antivirus Software - with uptodate virus definitions and running Spyware detection.
  • Any Non-personal machines will be added to the Physics Domain

Physics Members

Members of Physics can connect laptops and other wireless devices to the “Physics_S” network. No pre-registration is required. Upon connection you will be prompted for your Physics username and password. If you've forgotten your Physics password, but know your Oxford SSO username and password, it may be reset here.

You may be prompted about a "certificate". Select to "trust" the certificate, and to save this choice. You should not be prompted again.

Additional information on connecting to PHYSICS_S using different operating systems:

EDUROAM for Members of Oxford University and guests from other academic institutions

The EDUROAM wireless network is available across nearly all of the Oxford departments and colleges. It is an international federation which allows you to use a single computer account to gain access to the internet from academic institutions world-wide. For Oxford staff and students, the computer account you need to use is a `Remote Access Login` from the University IT services. Providing you are entitled to a University card, you are entitled to a Remote Access Login. It will have the same name as your campus Single Sign-On (SSO) account that is used to access Nexus and other campus services but has a different password for security reasons.

Details of the the account requirements and configuration of many different devices (Windows, OSX, Linux, phones, tablets etc) can be found on the Oxford University IT Services Eduroam Web pages.


Guests can connect to the OWL network. You can obtain a login from your supervisor, who can contact Physics IT on your behalf to acquire one.

Guest supervisors can contact Physics IT Support in advance to obtain OWL accounts.

Registering for an OWL account

We now have the facility for members of the department to register on behalf of short-term visitors. Both you and the guest will need to agree to the terms and conditions set out by both Physics and The University to obtain one of these accounts. You can register for an OWL Visitor account by using your Physics Networking account.

If you wish to register a group of visitors for OWL accounts, e.g. for a meeting, conference or other event, send an e-mail to itsupport@physics.ox.ac.uk with details of the number required and the name or description of the event.

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