How to Change your Physics Department Password

Your Physics department account (also known as your Active Directory or AD account) is used to log you into centrally managed services in the department such as desktop systems, network services and web based applications. When you arrive in the department, the details of your account and password will have been sent to the admin staff based in your sub-department so you should contact them to get started. The username will usually be your surname but if someone else already has that account name some letters from your first name may be added to the end.

If you have forgotten or do not know your current physics password then please visit and use the "I forgot my password" option.

Please change your physics password as soon as possible after receiving your account details. Assuming you know your current physics password you can change it either via the usual `change password` commands on the desktop systems or via the web at and use the "I forgot my password". option

As well as a physics account, all staff and grad students are given a University Single Sign On (SSO) account which is of the form abcd1234. This gives you access to services run by the Campus IT services such as the campus email system etc.
To manage your University of Oxford SSO login details, you need to visit the University account management pages at

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