Dropbox on Macs

Dropbox is available to install via the Self Service application. If you are on a Apple Desktop System you may need to logout and back in again for Dropbox to work.

Please Note:

  • Be very careful of the type of data you store in your Dropbox folder. Consider any data stored in your Dropbox folder to be in the public domain.

  • Please set your Dropbox folder to be on the local disk of your machine (e.g. your /Data directory).

    We recommend /Data/your_login_name (use the Create Directory button if necessary), within which Dropbox will create a Dropbox folder. That way, if you happen to log onto somebody else's system, your respective Dropbox folders are less likely to get into a mutual-annihilation scrap.

    [**]Install Dropbox using Self-Service in the usual way.

    [**]Launch Dropbox from the /Applications folder.

    [***]If it complains about permissions, log out and back in, then try again.

    [***]If that fails, please contact us.

    [**]Once Dropbox has launched, register if necessary, and sign in.

    [**]Click on the Advanced Settings URL, look for Dropbox folder, and follow your nose.

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