Desktop PC Video Conferencing

You can participate in video conferences over IP from almost any PC equipped with speakers and a microphone.

There are 3 main methods for sending conferences. Before using any of these tools for the first time, you will need to configure the tools:


Installing Skype

Skype can be installed via Physics Self Service

[h3]Using Skype[/h2]

For point to point calls, login using your personal account and proceed as normal

For multi-way video calls you need to use a premium account. We have one such account which can be booked out as required. Please, contact ITsupport to book it.

[h3]Sharing an Application:[/b]

Once you are in a call you can share application using the share icon on the main display. If you need to send video at the same time as sharing an application, you have to use a premium account (see above).


Evo/Evogh is a free IP based video conferencing system orignially developed for the LHC expreimients at CERN. It is now freely available to all academic users in the UK and the software can be run on most platforms.


Webex is a proprietary VC and application sharing service. Connecting to a Webex session is free but hosting a session requires a subscription.

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