Astrophysics: AstrOmatic

EXPERIMENTAL: The AstrOmatic suite of programs is available for installation under MacOS X from the Astrophysics category of Self-Service. This includes, at the time of writing, for the Mavericks version:

 eye            1.4.1
 missfits       2.8.0
 psfex          3.17.1
 scamp          2.0.4
 sextractor     2.19.5
 skymaker       3.10.5
 stiff          2.4.0
 stuff          1.26.0
 swarp          2.38.0
 weightwatcher  1.12

This installation relies on libraries within the centrally-distributed instance of MacPorts.

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Install the suite from the Astrophysics category of Self-Service. This places it, and static versions of a couple of libraries, under /Local/astromatic.


Once the suite is installed, say:

Activate help astromatic
Activate help astromatic | less # Page it

.... at the command line.


At the command line, say:

Activate astromatic

Thereafter, for the remainder of your shell session, the programs will be on your path.


  • Since the Activation puts AstrOmatic's directory at the head of $PATH, saying "sex" at the command line finds this suite's version in preference to Starlink's, even if both have been Activated. Saying "sext" instead finds a shellscript wrapper which does the appropriate Activation for AstrOmatic (if it can) or Starlink (if it must) internally.

  • Please note that this is an experimental distribution of the AstrOmatic suite. Please report any problems to IT Support at the usual e-mail address.

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