Computing in Astrophysics

IT in the Department of Physics is run by Physics IT Support. The Astrophysics sub-department mainly uses Apple Macintosh Systems and have access to several cluster computers for users with high-performance computing needs.

This webpage is for sub-department specific IT policies and procedures for a more general overview of IT in the Department of Physics please see the following webpage:

There are several ways to contact Physics IT Support in but by far the most useful is to email:

Quick links

  • The Apple Macintosh Systems in the Astrophysics sub-department have Astrophysics specific software installed. A list of the available software can be found here.
  • A description of how to set up and activate the Astrophysics specific software can be found here.
  • How to register a laptop for use on the wired or wireless network, for yourself or a visitor.
  • Astrophysics has several large public printers, details of how to connect to them can be found here.
  • Several webpages on how to remotely access the IT resources within the Department of Physics can be found here.
  • A list of IT Services webpages relating to Astrophysics can be found here

Overview of services in Astrophysics

Most people are provided with a Apple Macintosh desktop computer. However, upon agreement with your supervisor or the relevant budget holder, systems with Windows or Linux installed can be provided for you. In order to help you on your way using the wide variety of astrophysics software installed on the Apple Macintosh systems, we recommend that you spend several minutes reading through the documentation for the Astrophysics Applications Setup.

Astrophysics loan pool laptops

There are several loan pool laptops available, to check availability please see the following website and click on the Astrophysics sections. To book a loan laptop please contact IT Support:

Backup policies for the Astrophysics Systems

There are two nightly backups of your network mounted home directory (/home/username) and any data stored in your /Data directory on your Apple desktop systems is backed up using the Physics Time Machine Server

Public Policy Statements

Please see:

Users of computing facilities in Astrophysics are requested and required to abide by:

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