List of Printers in Physics

List of Public Printers in the Physics department by location.
All Printers accessed by print queues (LPR and SMB) on

Sharp Hold Queue

SharpHold Colour Treat as Sharp MX-5500N with Punch any Sharp printer

If you submit your print job to the Hold Queue, you can then release it to any Sharp printer by entering your swipe-card number.

AOPP Building

AOPPSharpL2 Level 2 Room 207
AOPPSharp003 Room 003
AOPPSharp305 Room 305
AoppSharpHooke Hooke Building Room F47b

Hooke Building

HookeSharpG20 Near room G20

Clarendon Building

CLSharp033 Stores corridor near Room 033 Mechanical workshop on level 1 by double doors.
CLSharp156 near Room 156 and Simon Level 1 lift
CLSharp171New Room 171 on Level 1 Lindemann
CLSharp244 outside Room 244 on Level 2 Townsend front landing
CLSharp371 outside Room 371 on Level 3 Lindemann

Denys Wilkinson Building

DWBSharpL1 Teaching (Practical Laboratory area)
DWBSharpL2 Level 2 left of the front entrance as you enter the building
DWBSharpL4 Level 4 by Reception
DWBSharpL5 Level 5 outside the Media Services Unit
DWBSharpL6 Level 6 central
DWBSharpL7 Level 7 just inside the entrance to the tower

Beecroft Building

BCSharpL1 Level 1
BCSharpL2 Level 2
BCSharpL3 Level 3
BCSharpL4 Level 4
CLSharpMail post room on ground level

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