Nexus Migration Plans Group A

This article applies to people who have been told that their migration to nexus will take place 2-4th March 2018. People in this group currently only use the Physics server and NOT the Nexus service.

More about the nexus 365 project can be found at

Please see here for instructions relating to the change over on Friday 2nd March, 1700.

General help on the migration and links to client configuration information etc can be found here.

Step 1

During the week starting 12th Feb 2018, IT services will be moving your Nexus mailbox to Nexus 365. As you don’t currently use your Nexus mailbox you shouldn't notice any change at all. We will monitor and test that this has gone smoothly.

Step 2

As some people have old data on nexus, we will run scripts to move any existing messages in the `Inbox` and `Sent Items` folders in your Nexus 365 mailbox into a new `nexus` folder tree for safe keeping. This ensures that old or duplicated emails don’t get intertwined with your current mailbox when the data is copied over but please note that no messages will be deleted. We will then start the process of copying your old emails from the physics server to nexus 365. During this step, only messages older than 1 month will be copied across as these don’t usually get modified or moved around within people's mailboxes. We can't be sure how long this process will last but it is likely to take around 2 weeks to get everyone across.

Step 3

Once the data transfers have started, we will email you to say that you should try connecting to your Nexus 365 mailbox. For these tests, please connect with a web browser (other clients that rely on the `autodiscovery` of email addresses will not work until the change over on 2nd March. Before then you may find that your email client works if you say your email address is (sso) Although you will still be using your physics server mailbox at this stage, this will be an opportunity to ensure you have access to your new mailbox ahead of actually needing it (For logging in you will need to set the username to your campus SSO which has to be of the form abcd1234@OX.AC.UK)

Step 4 (Weekend of 2/3/4th March)

With the bulk of the data transferred from physics to Nexus 365, we will email you to say that Nexus 365 is about to become your active mailbox. After normal working hours on Friday 2nd March we will change the email routing to deliver all new emails to Nexus 365. We will also start the process of transferring all the remaining messages, contacts, calendars and mailbox rules across from Physics to Nexus 365. It is hoped that this will complete over the weekend so that everyone has all their data ready on Nexus 365 for the start of the working week. Once your mailbox transfer is complete you will receive a message confirming this. You will continue to have access to both your old and new mailboxes throughout the migration and for a few weeks afterwards.


As the copying of data across to the Nexus 365 mailboxes will start soon, please avoid any changes to your physics mailbox that would affect messages older than 1 month. Please wait until your migration is complete before undertaking any tidying up or reorganisation of email folders etc. This will ensure that messages aren't duplicated during the various stages of the copy process. Please continue to work normally with new messages as they arrive as these won't be copied across until step 4.

Please also be sure to test that you access to your new nexus mailbox by connecting here.

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