Migration of Physics Email to Nexus

The IT review reported in late 2014 and concluded that a number of changes should be made regarding Physics email. To this end, the Physics email server will be run down in favour of the equivalent campus system, NEXUS. The current plan is that the migration will be completed during early part of the summer of 2018. All new Physics staff and graduate students have their mailboxes created on NEXUS. Also, the advertised addresses of all Physics email accounts will be changed to be in the standard University form of "firstname.lastname@Physics.ox.ac.uk". The IT review's recommendations have all been approved by the Physics Management Committee.

All new mailboxes have been created on NEXUS since Sep 2014 and it's now time to take further steps to fall more in line with the NEXUS setup. The current plan is that every Physics user with a mailbox will have their FROM/REPLY address changed to the "firstname.lastname@physics.ox.ac.uk" form over the Easter weekend (2-6 April 2015). Although this sounds like a big change, we will arrange that all your existing email addresses will still be delivered as before so it is hoped that few users will actually notice any disruption. However, this will achieve two important results. Firstly, the volume of incoming emails which don't comply with the Oxford standard form will start to drop making migration significantly easier. Also, it will enable us to make further changes to the way NEXUS handles Physics email which will reduce the issues we are seeing due to the coexistence of the two email systems. All users will receive an email tailored to their existing email setup telling them what it means for them. The new email addresses are already associated with users' mailboxes so can be used to deliver emails even before the FROM/REPLY addresses are updated in April. Those who already have FROM/REPLY addresses in the correct form will see no change.

So if your FROM/REPLY address has changed, please start using it whenever you are asked for your email address. Although the migration process is going to take many months, the sooner you can move to the new FROM/REPLY address the easier the final migration will be because everyone you have emailed will be replying to your new address. Please also check your email address on any web sites where you have an account and help to get the process underway by updating your existing email address settings.

There are a couple of other areas where users may need to be aware of the change of FROM/REPLY address.

IMAP and SMTP clients

Some common email clients such as thunderbird and some mobile applications use IMAP to retrieve emails and send emails out via an SMTP relay rather than via the department's exchange system. The configuration of the connection to the SMTP server allows the setting of the FROM/REPLY address, so if your email client sends via SMTP, please update the configuration so that the FROM/REPLY address is the one given in the notification email or ask for help from IT support.

Use of your old email address

There may well be situations where you need to use your old email address to, for example, send a change request to an email subscription service or to confirm a verification request that was sent to your old address. We have provided a web application which will allow you to send simple emails from your old addresses.

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