What is Symplectic?

The list of publications displayed on your profile is held in a central University of Oxford database called Symplectic. For more information about Oxford's Symplectic setup, please visit the University Symplectic web page.

Request Symplectic account

If you do not have a Symplectic account, please visit the Symplectic registration page to find out how to do so.

Logging into Symplectic

To log in to Symplectic, you need to go to the University of Oxford Symplectic database and log in using your Single Sign-on (SSO) username and password.

Using Symplectic

Symplectic itself contains comprehensive help. To get to this, simply click on 'help' in the top blue bar when you are logged into Symplectic, and you will find both a Quick Start guide and a comprehensive guide to all the facilities within Symplectic. If you have any questions not answered there, please do email for assistance.

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