Organising web content

For the purposes of content creation and editing permissions, the Oxford Physics CMS is divided into “sections”.

Each section has its own pages, and those pages can have their own pages as well- forming a hierarchy. Each section can also have different editing permissions.

Creating sections

Only administrators can create sections.

Creating pages

If you are logged in, you should see your username in the top right:

If you click on “My Sections”, any sections you’re permitted to edit will appear, along with a list of pages you can edit and a link to create a new page.

The "Create Content" box

Depending on your permissions, you may not be able to create all the different types of page.

Reordering pages within a section

When full of content, the section overview page should look like the following:

Section overview page: What a section overview page looks like when full of content

The content on the left can be drag and dropped to create a new page structure. URLs will be updated as will the breadcrumbs. If javascript is disabled, the hierarchy manipulation is much harder, if possible, by using weight manipulation from the same screen.

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