Types of content

  • Words (text, tables, collapsible sections, formulae etc.)
  • Video
  • Image


Pages will inherit blocks from their parent pages. For example, if the section "About Us" has a video block, then the child pages "Undergraduates" and "Postgraduates" will as well. However, child pages can have content blocks assigned to them in addition to those inherited from their parents, so the page "Undergraduates" could have an image block as well as a video block.

Creating a content block

  • Click "My Sections"
  • If you have permission to create content blocks, click "Create content block" under "Create content"
  • Enter a title
  • Choose a content type (Words, Video or Image)
  • Depending on which content type you chose, complete the relevant field ("Body" for words, "Choose image" for image, "Video URL" for video)
  • If you chose image or video, you can also enter a caption to be displayed underneath using the "Caption" field- this is optional.

Blocks will need to be assigned to pages in order to be visible.

Assigning content blocks to pages

  • Go to the page you wish to add the content block to
  • Click the "Edit" tab at the top (if this does not appear, you do not have permission to edit the page)
  • Scroll down to the "Blocks" section at the bottom of the edit page:
  • Using "Select a block..." dropdown select block you want to add to the current page.
  • You can reorder the blocks by dragging if you wish
  • To disable active block please select from "Right sidebar" option "<none>"
  • Click "Save"

Editing blocks

If you have permission to edit a block, move mouse over the content block and a gear icon should appear in the rop-right corner of selected content block, click on it and select Edit current.


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