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This page gives general instructions to access remotely installed software on Linux
Additional Ubuntu-specific instructions.
Additional Particle Linux instructions.
Additional Linux Network Software on Laptops instructions. Note that the recommended solution for laptops is to install the software locally. Please see Self Service, here.

Once you have access to the networked software, the following commands may be useful:

module avail

- Lists available software

module load {name/[version]}

- Loads a package, specify version if you don't want the default

module initadd {name/[version]}

- Sets up the environment do that a package is always available as soon as you log in. This does not work in non-login shells (e.g. over remote desktop). You are better off running 'echo "module add {modulename}" >> ~/.bashrc' or 'echo "module add {modulename}" >> ~/.cshrc'.

For more information about modules and shells, see

In our set-up, the default list of modules and software that can be loaded has been tested and known to work with the operating system that you are running.

More software is available than you can see through the module avail command. This additional software must be activated through special environment modules named otheros/{osname} which will allow access to modules from other Linux distributions available within physics and at other sites collaborating with us towards a shared software infrastructure. We are being conservative here, it is very likely that the software works on recent Linux machines but may need a few additional libraries installed or a license to activate.

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