To have your existing desktop re-installed with Ubuntu 14.04, please contact

Most Ubuntu Linux machines in the department have local home directories. This means any data you store there is not backed up. See the "Direct access to windows files" section below for the simplest way to make backups. We are running a networked home directory set-up, which will mean that all of your files are stored on a central server by default. Please email itsupport to register as a user.

Software installation

Access to networked software

If you are running centrally supported Ubuntu version 12.04 (precise) or later and have a computer with a permanent network cable attachment to the physics network, you may be given access to the network software area. Please email IT support.

For an up-to date list of easily available software to help you decide whether you would like a the networked software, you may log on to the ubuntu-trusty-ts and list the software with the following command:

ssh -K 'module avail'

If you have trouble getting the module command to work, add the following to your startup file on ubuntu-trusty-ts or your desktop:

If you are running bash (echo $SHELL)
add the line ". /usr/share/Modules/init/bash" to ~/.bashrc
If you are running sh, we recommend you ask IT support to change your shell to bash for other reasons, but you can use
. /usr/share/Modules/init/sh
If you are running tcsh
add the line "source /usr/share/Modules/init/tcsh" to ~/.cshrc

Please see here for general information about modules information:

Local software installation from the distribution

At the moment all software installs as provided by the Linux distribution should go through IT support.

Local copy of the networked software on Ubuntu 12.04

If you are the main user of your machine, you will need to be added to the "software" group to install. This will require an email to itsupport. We will also create your /local/software directory. Following this, you can make the networked software local with the following command(s):

mkdir /local/software/modules/ mkdir /local/software/[PACKAGE]/[VERSION] rsync -r ubuntu-precise-ts:/network/software/modules/ /local/software/modules/ rsync -r ubuntu-precise-ts:/network/software/[PACKAGE]/[VERSION]

Where PACKAGE is the name of the software and version is the version. After this, the same commands apply as for networked software. The local version will be automatically chosen in preference to a network version.

Local copy of the networked software on Ubuntu 14.04 and above

Please see the self-service pages.

Direct access to pplx cluster files from Ubuntu desktops using sshfs (subdept of particle only)

mkdir ppcluster sshfs {USERNAME}{username} ppcluster cd ppcluster && ls

Access to windows OS

Access the windows terminal servers for office (and other applications) like this:

mkdir ~/.rdesktop chmod 0000 ~/.rdesktop rdesktop -g1024x769 -u {username} -d PHYSICS

Direct access to windows files (H: drive) (Ubuntu only)

mount.central cd /physics/home/{username}

All files stored in /physics/home/{username} will be backed up if they are copied there after running mount.central.

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