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Summary of Available Software

A summary of the software available in the Physics Department.

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Scientific data analysis and visualisation.

Scientific data analysis and visualisation.

The information provided here is intended to be for use by anybody working in the Physics Department.

We have an unlimited site licence for QtiPlot on Mac and Linux.

Use Self Service to install software without privileges.

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Comparative Costs for Various Forms of Ownership

Work in progress ...

Software Licensing Costs Compared for Different Forms of Hardware Ownership.

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Anti-virus software installation

Sophos 10.3 for Windows can be downloaded from here.

Remove any previous installations of Sophos or any other anti virus programmes, reboot the system.

Log into the system with administrative privileges.

  1. Execute the Sophos installer downloaded from the Physics web site, Click install
  2. Click next to continue installation
  3. Accept the license agreement, Click next
  4. Click next to accept the default installation location

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Obtaining, installing and managing MATLAB standalone licences.

Standalone licences are obtained from and managed via the Mathworks Web site. If you already have a Mathworks login from a previous licence you will need to associate it with the Oxford University MATLAB site licence. If you don't have a Mathworks login you will need to create one.

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Mathematical computing environment

The information on this page is for internal use only in the Physics Department.

Mathematical computing environment

For complete information on MATLAB in Oxford University go to the University's IT Services MATLAB Web pages at .

The information provided here is intended to be for the use of anybody working in the Physics Department.

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How to use software available from the Particle Linux systems


Software on our cluster can come from many places.

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How to activate software installed on networked locations

About this page

This page gives general instructions to access remotely installed software on Linux
Additional Ubuntu-specific instructions.
Additional Particle Linux instructions.

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Introduction to transferring files between systems

The file-transfer utilities rsync and unison have one very useful feature in common: If a file already exists at the destination end, only the differences are actually copied. In particular, if the files are the same, nothing gets transferred. This is most obviously useful when updating a massive set of files over a slow network, but is also a great timesaver if the transfer is interrupted part of the way through (restart to resume), or if the source fileset may have changed while we were copying it across.

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First steps in using the "make" utility

According to legend, someone was asked how much development effort went into "porting" a rather complex software suite to Linux. The reply was, in total: "We typed 'make'."

This Article is intended to help you write your own Makefiles, or to modify those hand-coded by others. If said Makefile has been written by another program (traditionally ./configure), please see Portable Software first.

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