The information on this page is for internal use only in the Physics Department.

Mathematical computing environment

For complete information on MATLAB in Oxford University go to the University's IT Services MATLAB Web pages at .

The information provided here is intended to be for the use of anybody working in the Physics Department.

Use Self Service to install software without privileges.

You may obtain MATLAB kits from \\\OxKits_MATLAB\ on the Physics Network System using the instructions for obtaining kits.

MATLAB may be used in unlimited numbers by all University members, staff and students for research and teaching both at work and at home.

A MATLAB licence is needed and requires authentication with your Physics-wide network account.

If you need to use MATLAB while disconnected from the network, while travelling or when at home or visiting another institution you can use a MATLAB standalone licence.

There are some outline installation instructions for MATLAB 7.5 and before and for MATLAB 7.6 and later which may be useful for new users.

WARNING! MATLAB 7.8/2009a for Mac OS X only works on 10.5.5 and later.

Octave from GNU is a similar free product and mostly compatible with MATLAB.

A NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is available for download from NAG.

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