Scientific data analysis and visualisation.

The information provided here is intended to be for use by anybody working in the Physics Department.

We have an unlimited site licence for QtiPlot on Mac and Linux.

Use Self Service to install software without privileges.

You may obtain QtiPlot kits from the server LOCALKITS.physics.ox.ac.uk under OxKits in the folder/directory QtiPlot on the Physics Network System using the instructions for obtaining kits.

QtiPlot may be used by anybody working in the Physics Department in unlimited numbers and with unlimited access to technical support on Mac and Linux systems. It may be used on both University-owned and personal systems.

Our support contract guarantees that bugs will be fixed and a new installer provided within 48 hours. It also states that any requests for new features will have higher priority.

People with Windows systems can use Origin for which we also have a site licence.

For QtiPlot technical support email support@qtiplot.com . You must use your standard Oxford email address of firstname.lastname@physics.ox.ac.uk as the email address confirms your entitlement to unlimited technical support.

When contacting support@qtiplot.com please also copy (cc:) itsupport@physics.ox.ac.uk in order that we can track and monitor the progress of events.

Further information about QtiPlot may be found on the QtiPlot website.

If you notice the availability of any new releases, updates, documentaion, etc send an email to QtiPlot@maillist.ox.ac.uk.

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