Theoretical Physics Computing Support

How to get support

There are several ways to interact with computer support at Theory, but by
far the most useful is

Theory Computing Office
Please use this address, rather than sending mail directly to support staff. Sending mail to the support address generates a ticket on our automated request-tracking system, so your problem won't be forgotten, even if we can't deal with it immediately. Staff are notified by email when a support ticket is raised, so emailing staff directly (and bypassing the ticketing system) brings no benefit and carries the risk that your request will be forgotten, if the staff member concerned can't immediately raise a ticket on your behalf.

Other means of obtaining support include:

  • Going to the computing office (5.8) in person. If staffed, we may be able to attend to your problem immediately. However, even when staff are attending to computing duties, they are often away from the office.
  • Phone the computing office - (01865) 2x73958. We will answer if staffed. Please leave a voicemail on this line, we will get an email saying a voicemail is ready for us, however you should email whenever possible.
  • Finding staff members in person. All of our support staff are part time located in the Theory building, Please see the staff page for more information.

General support requests in Theory should go to the support address above, as should any questions about purchasing computing equipment using departmental funds.

General IT Support

Although Theoretical Physics IT support should be the initial point of contact for support queries by members of Theoretical Physics, you may wish to contact other members of the Physics IT staff for queries, the best way to do this is

OUCS Help Centre

OUCS provide support for staff and students using their services (such as Herald Webmail), and can also provide some measure of support for private hardware. Please see their website for more details.

College IT support staff

If your problem involves a laptop, or connecting to College systems from the department, your College IT support staff may be able to help. Please contact them directly.

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