Sharing large files with people

OxFile is an easy way for members of Oxford University to share files with members, and with people outside the University. Individual files up to 25Gb in size may be uploaded and kept on Oxfile for up to 30 days. Using this service you can share files as well as receive files.

Share file(s) with large number of people:

OxFile service can be used to share file(s) with large number of people either Oxford University members or/and external people. Instead of emailing e.g. large pdf file as an email attachment you can upload this pdf file to the OxFile service and send by email only download link to uploaded file.

  1. Log in to OxFile service using your SSO username and password
  2. Click on sending files link
  3. On the top of the page click the "Create a new folder to send files" button
  4. You can rename folder by changing text in the Folder title
  5. Upload files to the folder: under Files section click on +Add button and browse to the location of the file that you want to upload here, select the file (up to 25Gb) and click Open, now click Upload button. For large file process of uploading it may take some time. Once the file has been uploaded you should see it at the bottom of the Files section: name of the file and Download link. You can remove uploaded files by clicking on red cross next to Download link.
  6. People sharing this folder: as we are going to share it with large number of people we do not add emails under this section. (You may add your email address in that case email should be send to you with the download link that you can forward but in the below steps you can learn how to find download link manually)
  7. Expand Advanced options section: review and amend at least following setting Available from and Active for(days).
  8. If all the setting are correct click Save folder button. You are taken back to the page listing all the folders you are sharing. Under Active Folders click on the Edit link to go back to the folder you uploaded files to share with people. To get location of the download link to the file under Files section right click on the Download link next to the name of a file, select Copy link location. Now you can past this link location to the email and send it to all the people who need to download it.

To learn more about OxFile please go to the main OxFile help page.

OxFile main help page:

Please see the help to learn more about OxFile interface and how ti share files.

Please notice files on OxFile are stored for up to 30 days only

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