Nexus 365 Migration For Outlook on MS Windows

When migrating from the physics server to Nexus 365 it is inevitable that you will need to create a new Outlook Profile as you will be using a completely different server. In contrast, our experience with migrating mailboxes already on Nexus to Nexus 365 is that, at least in some cases, restarting Outlook and providing the correct credentials may be sufficient. More on both these options is below.

To setup a new Outlook Profile

Please see the instructions provided by IT services. Please note the following important configuration settings.

  1. When creating a new profile, you should use the sender address of your mailbox, typically although some people have their college address instead. N.B. This address is used to locate the server that is storing your mailbox so until the evening of 2nd March, Outlook will decide to try to connect you to the physics exchange server. After 2nd March, addresses will be hosted on the Nexus 365 service which is where your active mailbox will be.
  2. When connecting to nexus 365, give the username in the form sso@OX.AC.UK for most people this is like abcd1234@OX.AC.UK. Please note that you may receive several prompts for your username and password even though you may have selected `Remember my password`. This is because the process of finding the correct mailbox server involves several redirections each of which has to be authenticated. Once everything is setup and you have set `remember by password` at each step, you should find the login prompts cease to appear, if not please contact

please be aware, that having connected to the new service, Outlook will have to download a lot of messages to form a cached copy on your computer. During this time you may find the Outlook seems slow but please be patient and things should improve.

How to get Outlook running after migration from Nexus to Nexus 365

Ideally you should have closed outlook prior to the migration but if not you may get a pop-up saying that there have been system changes and you need to restart Outlook. On restart, you'll be prompted for a username and password. Please input in the form given above and in at least some cases, Outlook will then connect with Office 365 and you will see exactly the same content as you had on Nexus. For the same reasons as explained above, you may get multiple prompts during the first time use of Nexus 365. If these persist, we recommend creating a new profile as above

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