CCTV Policy

Computer Room Webcam/ CCTV Policy

Webcam/ CCTV policy for Physics Computer Rooms and nearby areas

The camera systems are used as an aid to monitoring the safety of staff working in the computer rooms. Web cameras are installed in the DWB Level 1 and Begbroke IAT Computer rooms. In addition the area outside IT Store room (DWB Level 1) showing the door is covered. The systems can also be used to help investigate issues with the equipment such as A/C failures and temperature variations and to check on the status of the room. Lastly as an aid to crime prevention.

The camera's in the computer rooms are positioned to view an aisle of the computer room which is only accessible by authorized staff.

There is no public access to these facilities. Members of Physics staff may be seen by the IT Store room door camera as they pass by, only authorized users should be entering the room.

The use of the system is reviewed yearly as part of the IT Security review.

The live images can be viewed live by a restricted group of Physics IT staff.

Recorded data is held for 30 days. And can only be accessed by a very limited set of operators.

Permission must be sought from the Data Processor (the Physics IT Manager) prior to inspection of any recorded data.

CCTV signage is in place.

Peter Gronbech v2 13/03/23 v1 09/12/21

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